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 Hi there we are so glad you came to visit. Let me tell you a little bit about us. We lived in Oregon for many years and raised our children plus took many Foster Children in our home over a 15 year period. We also raised 2200 Asian Pear Trees that kept us very busy.

When we moved to Oregon we happened to meet the president of Louisiana Pacific and he wanted us to look at a house that needed some love.  It was awful but he said he would pay to put it all back together.

The house has 22 rooms and 10-acres of ground. This house had so much charm as it was almost 100 years old and we accepted the challenge. We worked so hard for 4 months and we moved in. There was still a lot to do but we keep going until after a year the inside was almost put back the way it should have been. 

 There was lots  of room outside for the kids to run and play and work. We  raised cows, a peacock, rabbits, lambs, pygmy goats, and a llama.  We also had dogs, a cat named Ben  and gerbils until they multiplied so much they had to leave. 

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We grew a HUGE garden and we canned everything we could. From peaches, pears, applesauce, pickles, grape juice, cherries, and more. I had a man come out and he cried when he saw our pantry because he said it was “just like his mama use to do.” He said they knew the family would make it through the winter with all that food.

It was a Fairy Tale life in some ways but very hard to keep it all up. My own children just want to go back like it was so many years ago and have one day there to remember all that happened.  It was a time in our lives we will never forget.

Our Children are all grown now but The Memories Will Always Be There and We are Making Many More! We hope some of the ideas we share will help you raising your families. We hope you will come back often.

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