Time For a New Look With Gorgeous Botanical FREE Prints!

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Need a New Look? Make a Gallery Wall. It inspires and adds a lot of personality to your home. Gallery Walls are all the rage right now and with art pieces like these your walls will bring a lovely shade of color to any room in your home. 

So let’s get started….

Roses are the classic symbol  of love and romance. The beauty of this flower expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings.

botanical rose print

I Love Daffodils. Can you imagine a world without flowers? But did you know all flowers have a secret message. The  daffodil flower is telling you to always keep a positive mindset in all situations. You never give up on what you want in life even though at times it might be difficult.

botanical daffodil print

The Peony represent honor, wealth and riches. A beautiful print to hang in your home.
botanical peony print

Gardenia’s represent love and purity, renewal, and protection. It goes with any decor in your home.

botanical gardenia print


Hydrangea’s are another favorite of mine. They represent gratitude, and honesty. Hang this beautiful print in your home and forget about the negative in your life. 

botanical hydrangia print

The Chinese Pear Blossom Botantical Print  is a flower of the pear tree, which means a long life. Another Eye-Catching print as people come to your home.

botanical chinese pear print

The Greenery Botantical Print…. The color green is a symbol of balance, health and youthfulness. We all need greenery in our homes and this picture will make your other beautiful prints stand out on your wall. 


The Iris  represents wisdom, success, admiration, courage, and enthusiasm. A Gorgeous Print that everyone will be attracted to.

botanical iris print

You can download all these flowers FREE by going over to FTD By Design.

Have Fun!




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