“A Place For Everything”

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I am one of those people that loves clean and  Everything In Its Place. When we lived at the big farmhouse, which had 22 rooms and that included 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and a glorious old Parlor, I worked very hard on keeping Everything In It’s Place!

We had a big board in the dining room where I could write down the agenda for the day, and positive thoughts to start the day. 

Let Me Share Some Ways To Get Organized that I hope will help you get at way. Life seems to work better  when Everything Is In Its Place.

Learn how to Make  this cute DIY Chalkboard Calendar to keep your  Month-At-a-Glance Easily Seen By Your Entire Family. 

I Love These Jars and How Organized They Make Me Feel In My Pantry. (We Had a Huge One)  They Are Pretty Handy Too If You Are Teaching Your Kids To Cook. Turn the Page and get the Free Labels From The Country Chic Cottage. 

Create a Place For Shoes and Boots, Kid-Height Hooks For Backpacks and Everyday Jackets, and a Bin For Your Child’s School Papers.  Turn the Page To See More From Homestyle.


We did a Lot Of  Laundry As The Kids Grew Up and I Know The Washing Machine Ate Some Of Them. Make This Lost Sock Holder – A Place In The Laundry Room To Keep Those Lonely Socks Until You Find Their Lost Mate! Don’t Forget To Add Some  Cute Clothespins.


This great idea from Family Handyman helps keep everything in its place in the bathroom. Use hook-and-loop tape to attach 5-in. lengths of 2″ PVC pipe to the vanity door to hold the curling irons. 

Do the same thing with 3-in. pieces of 1-1/2-in.-diameter pipe to hold the cords. Just measure your curling irons to see how long your “holsters” need to be. 

An Important Organizational Habit To Get Into Is Getting The Kids Ready For The Next School Day The Night Before. We Would Always Get School Clothes Out, Baths Done, and Any Extra Things Needed For The Next Day. 

Great Kids Printables From a Girl and a Glue Gun To Help Them Keep Their Room Organized and Clean Up To Mom Standards!

Help Your Kids Take Charge Of Their Own Drawer Organization With  Wonderful  Printable Labels From Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Make All Kids School Lunches The Night Before Or Hop Over To The  ‘The Seasoned Mom‘ and Learn Her Secret For Making School Lunches On Sunday That Will Last All Week.


Use a Timer Outside The Door Of  The Bathroom, (They Can’t Change It That Way) and Use It……Might Help The Teenagers Move a Little Faster.



and Hopefully Being Able To Get Out Of The Door On Time.

So Many Cords When You Have a Computer and Other tech. To Be More Organized Use Bread Tags to Distinguish Wires via  Pop Sugar.


Transfer Your Board Games Into Plastic Drawers To Save Space….Love This Idea.

Grab a Plastic Bag and a Cereal Container To Make  Your Own $1 Trash Can For Your Car. It’s perfect for those long road trips or even just always keeping it in the car!

Create a Restaurant Kit For Babies and Toddlers and Eliminate The Stress Of Taking The Kids Out To Eat.

Each Night Before Bedtime, Have All Family Members Pick Up Clutter For 15 Minutes. Make a Game Out Of  It and See Who Can Pick Up The Most Things In The Shortest Amount Of Time.

If You Really Want To Get Organized Start This Free Printable List of the 52 Weeks To An Organized Home Challenges for 2019.

Join over 150,000 others who are getting their homes organized one week at a time

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