How to Prepare to Sell Your Home While Juggling a Family (Guest Post)

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As your children get older and enter adolescence, it might be time to upgrade your family home. When kids are little, they won’t mind sharing a bedroom, for example. Teenagers value their privacy, however, and will appreciate moving into a larger house that gives them their own space. If it’s time to secure more elbow room, read on for how to sell your current home while juggling family happenings.

Tackle the exterior first

The outside of your house is the first thing people see when they stop by for a visit. Make sure it leaves a great first impression. To enhance curb appeal, Better Homes & Gardens says to start with a polished exterior. Clean the windows, powerwash the siding, and take care of basic landscaping like mowing the lawn and trimming trees. 

20 Ways to Add Curb Appeal | Better Homes & Gardens

If your front yard has brown patches, fill them in by seeding and fertilizing to create a lush lawn. You can also add extra elements like planters of flowers at the front door or lights along your front walkway.

Eliminate clutter and clean indoors

When it comes to the inside of your home, the first step to attracting buyers’ interest is to remove clutter. You want people to feel relaxed when they step into what could be their future home, and as Piedmont Healthcare notes, some studies indicate that clutter causes anxiety. Additionally, when you have personal knick-knacks around the house (like family photos) it’s harder for a visitor to envision their own family in that space. 

Give each of your teens their own “clutter bin” and ask them to keep their odds and ends in that container.

If you have a last-minute showing, you can easily sweep items into these bins and simply stack them in a closet, out of sight, or choose something attractive that blends with your decor. Once you’ve nixed the clutter, find a cleaning service near you to get the house sparkling. 

Add aesthetic elements as finishing touches

Once clutter is removed and the house is cleaned, talk to your teens about keeping the space tidy, explaining that you will have buyers stopping by to view the property. This is a good time to add aesthetic touches on surfaces like coffee tables and countertops as well, and remind your teens why those items are in place (and not their miscellaneous stuff). 


When choosing your decor, keep in mind that flowers are a great way to create a stylish interior. Look for artificial blooms that are realistic so that you don’t have to bother replacing fresh flowers regularly. An added benefit is that florals are shown to improve a person’s mood. This picturesque detail can thus leave your visitors with a positive feeling about the property.

Create an open-house checklist with jobs for the whole family

With everything in place and spotless, your house will be ready for visitors. Keep in mind that it can take weeks or even months to successfully sell a property, however, so you will have to take steps to keep your house spotless and clutter-free. 

In order to sell your old property for a maximum profit and secure a buyer quickly, consider hosting an open house. This allows you to meet multiple potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of an efficient sale. 

For last-minute showings and in anticipation of open house events, create a to-do list with tasks for each family member. Include tasks like clearing dirty dishes into the dishwasher, placing clutter into bins, and opening the curtains to let in natural light. With everyone pitching in, each of you can take on a job or two—and get the house ready quickly.

Preparing a house for sale isn’t always easy, especially when you also have kids to keep an eye on. With the above steps, however, you can get your property ready for a successful showing—without added stress. The effort will be well worth it when you manage to close your real estate deal.

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