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Thanks For Coming to Visit Our Website.  Let me tell you a little bit about us. We have 6 children and 19 grandchildren (One is in the picture above). Being a Dad and a Mom and now Grandparents is wonderful!

We lived in Oregon for many years and raised our own children plus took many Foster Children in our home over a 15 year period.

We  lived on a big farm and grew 2200 Asian Pear Trees. (I helped plant everyone) When we moved to Oregon we happened to meet the president of Louisiana Pacific and he wanted us to look at a house that needed some love.  It was awful but he said he would pay to put it all back together.

This picture is our house but since we have left all the flowers have died and the trees look awful.  We had 40 rose bushes all around the house and a big garden on the left.  The house was not yellow like it is now. We drove past it a couple of years ago and I wanted to go knock on the door and say what have you done to our house.  I guess you should never go back, it is just not the same. But the memories stay forever.

This house has 22 rooms and 10-acres of ground. We worked so hard for 4 months and we moved in. There was a lot to do but we keep going until after a year the inside it was almost put back the way it should have been. This house had so much charm as it was almost 100 years old.

In November of that year he flew out in his helicopter and brought channel 8 news. We all sat around our big country table (he had sent his chef out to cook for us) and we all held hands and he said Grace. He talked about growing up and how hard it was. He was a great person in our lives.

At Christmas time he would fly out in the helicopter and put on his Santa Hat and brought so many presents to the kids. It was like a fairy tale and I hope these kids remember this time.

We eventually put all of the house back together even put in an above ground pool. This wonderful man would come out and help shell black walnuts in the barn  (he had built with coolers) and he would talk to the kids how he got started in his business career.

He had a wonderful mother and he told a story of how he went to deliver newspapers as his first job. He came home with $.10 his first day and was discouraged. His mother told him to be grateful for that and keep going.  His mother taught him well and I believe that is why he became the person he is.

He even has a park in California with a statue erected to her. 

Well after 15 years it was time to move. Foster Kids can be a tough job and it was time to just have our own family back. So I remember walking into his office and we sat by the fire and talked and he cried. I thanked him for all the years of helping so many children along with our own children. 

It was a Fairy Tale life in some ways but very hard to keep it all up. My own children just want to go back like it was so many years ago and have one day there to remember all that happened.  It was a time in our lives we will never forget.

Our  Children Have All Grown, and Some Live Close, and Some Not So Close (which we do not like) but Face Time, Skype, Facebook Video and Google Hangouts are all fun ways to stay connected to family that lives in different states.

To get a little more creative in the technology department, you can start your own Private Facebook Group (we have done this)  and add your long distance family members. Within the Facebook group, you can share pictures, stories, and other fun updates, that you might not want shared with other people on your Facebook profile.

I  Loved Making This Website About Families and I Hope You Enjoy It and Will Visit Often. This Website Tells Some of the Memories in our Families Life,  and The Things We Enjoy Doing. 

Our Children All Grew Up So Fast But  The Memories Will Always Be There and We are Making Many More!

Remember ” The Family Circle Never Ends.”

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