December 8, 2015

Believe In The Magic Of Santa Clause

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There is hardly anything that can match the joy of a child coming under a Christmas tree in the early hours of the morning to see Santa’s presents.

Maybe the kid’s only regret then is not having managed to catch a glimpse of the merry bearded old man. For millions of years people have believed in Santa Claus..


Santa Claus should be an inspiration to us all. Believing in Santa Claus is a lot like believing in yourself and remembering that you DO deserve to have your heart’s desires! In the 16oo’s the Dutch brought Sinter Klass to the American colonies. English speaking children pronounced his name “Sainty Claus,” and over the years it evolved  into Santa Claus.

In 1809, American writer Washington  Irving created a new version of the old Saint Nicholas. Irving described Santa as a jolly Dutchman who smoked a pipe, wore baggy pants, and rode over the treetops in a horse drawn wagon dropping gifts down chimneys.

Then in 1823, Clement C. Moore wrote the famous poem, “A Visit From St. Nicholas.” Picking up on this image, cartoonist Thomas Nast added a North Pole toy workshop in his cartoons for Harper’s Weekly magazine.  

In 1925, a large corporation ran an advertising campaign of Santa Claus further defining him as a large man with a red and white fur suit, black boots and a long, flowing beard-the closest depiction of our present day Santa.



Until Moore’s famous poem, Santa’s description was open to personal interperetation. Moore described Santa the way we think of him today—JOLLY.  Then in 1863, illustrator Thomas Nast solidified this new visual image of Santa Claus by drawing him as Moore had described him. Nast drew Santa dressed in red and gave him a home in the North Pole.

For  23 years  Nast drew Christmas pictures for Harpers Weekly magazine–helping to shape the image of Santa that we have today. Coca-Cola hired German artist Haddon Sundblom to draw Santa for an advertising campaign in 1931.

Sundblom’s rendition of Santa–a grandfatherly man with twinkling eyes–further fixed the public’s image of Santa Claus. Santa Claus has evolved over the centuries into the kind, loving figure we know today. He stands for all the goodness and innocence of childhood.

Magic Cabin

So what does the word Santa Claus represent?

 S–See the possibility of having what you really want.

A–Acknowledge that you deserve to have it.

N–Never allow other people to steal your dreams.

T–Thank God for bringing it to you.

A–Assist others in getting what they want.

C–Consistently believe that Santa Claus is coming to town.

L–Love the process as much as the end result.

A–Align yourself with positive, supportive believers.

U–Unleash your inner brilliance and share it with others.

S–Stay in the positive action, keep the faith and enjoy your presents!

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Isn’t part of the fun of Christmas  seeing the EXCITEMENT of your children when they think that Santa Clause is going to come down chimneys and give all children wonderful gifts in the night.

It is MAGIC and KINDNESS and it always makes children HAPPY. It will be a sad time if some day children start to doubt that Santa exists or even no longer BELIEVE in Santa Clause and the MAGIC  of Christmas.


If your older children start telling the younger that Santa doesn’t exist, talk to them.It might be that your older children have outgrown the belief in Santa, but you should explain to them the history behind Santa Clause.

Talk to them about Saint Nicholas who existed once and was a kind man that gave at Christmas to those who were less fortunate. Children learn from their parents and if you make it clear that you believe he exists, then they will believe in Santa Clause.

Explain to the children that Christmas is the season of giving, and remind them that Santa Clause always gives freely from his heart.


There is a story told of a bus driver who was transporting a young 20 year old coed to School. It was Christmas time and he turned to her and asked her..  “Do you  BELIEVE in Santa Claus?” She hesitantly said “yes” and kind of giggled nervously.

The bus driver replied, “I BELIEVE in him, too!  After all he did live, didn’t he?”She nodded her head hesitantly, yes.

Image result for pictures of santa and kids

Then he went on to say, “Wasn’t he a real man, a GIVER OF GIFTS to children and the poor who inspired others to do the same?” She said, “Yes,” and started to brighten considerably. I continued, “Didn’t Santa Claus set an example for us all to be giving and to be charitable?”

She acknowledged that was true. “Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus raised or elevated our CONSCIOUSNESS and helped us rise above our selfish natures and put us on a higher level of frequency,” I explained.

“But of course Santa Claus doesn’t live anymore. He lived clear back in the 4th century and his remains are in Italy. But does that mean that there is no such person as Santa Claus?” I said to her, “No, of course not.

When we are inspired at this time of the year to give as Saint Nicholas did to one another we become a part of the Santa Claus Frequency. This is why we feel so HAPPY and MERRY this time of the year.


We sing songs and acknowledge the REALITY of Jesus Christ as well as Santa Claus.  This is why I BELIEVE in Santa Claus.

The time came for the  coed to get off the bus and go home. As she stepped off the stairs she turned to me and said, “Thank you for the enlightenment. I can’t wait to go and tell my roommates,   I BELIEVE in Santa Claus.”

“Who is Santa?” if you ask me today, I will say, Santa is no mortal human being; he symbolizes ‘IMMORTAL’ HOPE; the HOPE that never dies. In fact, HOPE never dies; it’s we who lose it. And that’s so much like Santa, who we stop BELIEVING in as we grow old;   it’s WE who ‘lose’ him.


He does not cease to exist. He exists in the FANTASIES that we sometimes need to live in, to stay away from life’s stark realities. Santa SYMBOLIZES the ‘IMPOSSIBLES’, we seldom dare to aspire for.

He SYMBOLIZES MIRACLES, we hardly BELIEVE in. Today, most of us have stopped BELIEVING that DREAMS can come TRUE and that things can have HAPPY ENDINGS!

Today, people have stopped BELIEVING in the POWER OF GOOD; they do not BELIEVE in the concepts of ‘DREAMS COME TRUE’ and ‘HAPPILY EVER AFTER’. We think they are only a part of fiction.

But we often fail to understand that there is so much POSITIVITY IN PURSUING IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS; they may or may not come true (why care?) but their pursuit is WONDERFUL!

Why not wait for a HAPPY ENDING rather than fretting  about whether life will have one! How about never losing HOPE shatter our BELIEF in the GOOD?  

Our BELIEF in he who PERSONIFIES all the POSITIVES; Santa Claus!

Believing in the EXISTENCE of Santa Claus and waiting for him with the EAGERNESS of a child is what each of us needs to do; as BELIEVING in him is BELIEVING in the STRENGTH of the GOOD.

BELIEVING in him is BELIEVING that HOPE never dies.

 Come Santa, come this Christmas.  Rekindle HOPE in our minds; re-instill in our minds the BELIEF in HAPPY ENDINGS; restore in us, the COURAGE TO DREAM and the PATIENCE to PURSUEse DREAMS.

Help us find what we often keep losing – HOPE!  Help us recover from the losses in POSITIVITY.

Come Santa, I shall wait for you this Christmas. Visit every house and reach every heart. You are most awaited!



 I love that SANTA embodies POSSIBILITIES and DREAMS.

BELIEVE in Santa Claus?

You bet I do.  

 Merry Christmas,






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