Let Me Be a Child

Let Me Be A Child

Let me know when I make you proud.
And help me to have pride in my own accomplishments.
Let me earn your trust. Then trust me.
I won’t let you down.
Let me know you love me with a hug or a pat on the back.
Or, when I need it, with a firm but gentle “no”
Let me be. Let me change. Let me grow.
Let me dream. Share my joy when my dreams come true.
Share my tears when they don’t.
Let me feel secure in my home. Help me realize that love is always there.
That I can depend on you no matter what.
Let me run. let me laugh. let me play.
And most of all, let me be a child.

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Sometimes it amazes me the demands that are placed on children these days. While as parents we can all say that we had it “harder” then our kids do now because we had to be creative and play with our imagination where as now there are video games and computers.

Let’s face it, the pressure that is put on our children today to grow up fast is really out of control.

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We have them in multiple sports, we push them to join different clubs, their peers put pressure on them to look more grown up and dress more grown up and the media encourages this.

Take a look at the toys we want our little girls to play with, Bratz and Barbie… or have a look at the style of clothes that are available, do those toys look innocent to you?

Life passes us by quick enough as it is. Let your child be a child, regardless of how old they are. To help make sure your child isn’t robbed of their youth, here are several tips you can follow, one for each day of the week to think about.


Follow the principle that Regular Playtime is vital for everyone.

 Get in touch with our own playfulness. Kids really do model what they see. Present a picture of adulthood that children will want to grow up to emulate.

Tell the kids it’ll be a laid-back summer. Ask them to create a fun bucket list of which activities they want to keep… and which they want to toss.

Parents may be shocked by what they say they want to quit doing. Sometimes kids do things because we want them to, and somehow we fail to notice their heart hasn’t been in it.


Arrange low-key times with friends and family. This may mean turning down some invitations and setting aside an evening as family night. Make sure kids have regular opportunities to just hang out with family and friends.

 Encourage free-range (not pre-packaged), natural and spontaneous play— like a sandbox in the backyard, blocks and impromptu neighborhood soccer games, instead of an amusement park, elaborate toys and soccer camp.

 Make sure children also have total down time for lying in the grass looking at the sky, or sitting on the sidewalk sharing a stick of gum with a friend.

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Show trust in giving youngsters some freedom. Have confidence that when a child is off on his own and enjoying and directing himself in activities he chooses, that is his “job”. The chances are that whatever innocent activities he’s doing of his own free will are better than any “enriching” activity we might impose on him.

Children need to play. It’s their work. All mammals play; it’s their way of learning skills they’ll need when they’re full-grown, from finding food to getting along with others. It’s also the way small humans process their emotions.

Thinking back to our own best childhood memory, it won’t be a class or lesson, but the time we were allowed to just be.

“Children learn through playing, through active exploration that feeds their imagination, not by always having others organize the world for them.”

How can you let your kid just be a kid?

There’s a good chance that your child is, right now, making his own Harry Potter broomstick out of a stick he found in the backyard … and he might prefer it to the pricey vibrating plastic version you were thinking of buying him.

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“Children learn through play — through puzzles, games, and questions and answers. They also learn on the playground — they learn about nature, weather and the seasons, motion, concepts of distance and speed, and cause and effect. They learn how to negotiate and talk with their peers.

If you live in an area where you can let your child run amok with his friends outdoors, let him; if you don’t, remember that just hanging with friends and neighbors indoors can be great too. 

The result sometimes necessitates that you wear earplugs  on a Saturday afternoon but that is preferable to the eerie silence that descends when little kids are locked for hours in the world of video games.

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Providing an environment where family plays and have fun together is not an option, for us it is a must.

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Find something that your family will enjoy.

Board games, hiking, fishing, camping, playing sports, biking, reading, watching a movie,

any activity that provides a quality family fun time will unite our children while making memories that they will never forget.

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In my family we spent time together, we had fun together, we played together.

In the end, learning who we are primarily takes place not in the act of doing, but in the quiet spaces between things, when we can reflect upon what we have done and who we are. The more of these quiet spaces families provide for kids, the better.

We must remember they are children and it’s crucial we let them enjoy this part of their lives by letting them just be a kid.

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Memories are not free, however they don’t cost money but time and that is what makes them so valuable.

We can build them around the most simple moments.

It is for us to make each moment count, no matter our circumstances, our past,

or how much or how little we have, we can create a place called home

when every child is entitled to a beautiful childhood.


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Making Memories As a Family

Your family is probably like many others these days—pulled in countless directions by educational, social, and recreational obligations. If you’re looking for a way to re-connect with each other, a Family Night might be exactly what you need.  Make Family Memories you family will remember for years to come.


No matter how young your children are, assigning one night a week for Fun Family Night Ideas gives families a special opportunity to have fun together and create lasting memories.
The general concept of a weekly family night is to spend an evening once a week where the family is together having a meaningful experience together.

In other words, watching the latest installment of a favorite sitcom doesn’t count! Invariably, as soon as you decide to set aside a weekly family night, you will be inundated with conflicts. Have some integrity and be willing to say no more often.

It may be tempting to go to the big game with your friend, but be willing to say thanks, but no thanks. If the soccer team practices at the same time as family night, be willing to find another team or not play. It is important to make sure that your commitment is firm.

Remember the feeling of the children in the movie Hook when their dad (Robin Williams) says, “My word is my bond”? Keep your word and put family first and continue to make Memories.



Parents, YOU make the difference!

Choose a night when everyone gathers to enjoy a family activity and a game.  Make sure all of you, from the oldest to the youngest, are involved.  Each week, a different family member can choose the evening’s theme or activity.

Studies show that families who eat meals together and enjoy activities together are closer.  This closeness extends to increased trust and comfort levels, which can help children grow up in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Children who grow up in this kind of environment are less likely to become involved in drugs and alcohol use, and they are more comfortable discussing problems with their parents.

I found a Great Sign to get your Family Time Started! Turn the Page and get the Download via BitznGiggles.


Family Night Ideas…….

1. Visit the zoo……

2. Find out about your area’s community center and or/park activities…….

3. Wash the dog.  ( A neighbor’s dog if you don’t have one!)

4. Have a family slumber party…….bc_subimg_kids_club-300x233

5. Build a fort……(Use large appliance boxes outside, or pillows and sheets inside.)

6. Get out the family photo album…..

7. Research your family history……

8. Visit the Genealogical library…….

9. Play stick ball……

10. Play hopscotch…….

11. Clean the house together…(Have a pick-up party.)……………..

12. Make a play. Take it to a nursing home…….

13. Fly kites…….

14.  Go on a family trip/ historical excursion……

15. Did it snow?  Go sledding and make a snowman…….

FamilyTime16. Make a collage out of pictures from old magazines…..

17. Set up a lemonade stand on a warm day……..

18. Shoot hoops together.  Play H.O.R.S.E……

19. Draw pictures of members of your family……

20. Tell Stories around a campfire.  ( or at the barbecue?)…….

21. Organize a game of capture the flag…..

22. Make miniature boats and float them in some water……

23. Write letters to grandparents or a missionary……

24. Play freeze-tag…….

25. Tell scary stories (With lights out)……

26. Play broom ball…..

1340_YMCA_SiteRedesign_R4_HealthyLvin_0002_Family Time27. Go for a hike……..

28. Go for a bike ride together……

29. Go get ice cream and walk around the temple grounds……

30. Learn to play the guitar together…..

31. Listen to classical music, lights off, lying on the floor, and take turns saying what is sounds like……

32. Attend community concerts or listen to a local band……

33. Organize a community clean-up…..

34. Visit the library….

35. Go ice skating or roller skating…..

36. Paint a picture, a mural or a room……

37. Learn how to use a compass…….

38. Organize 72 hour kits…..

39. Learn how to use a compass…..

40. Plant a tree or some flowers…..

41. Learn the metric system…..



42. Learn sign language….

43. Learn the Morse Code…….

44. Go swimming……

45.  Go bird watching…..

46. Walk the dog. ( A neighbor’s dog if you don’t have one!)

47. Visit the countryside…..

48. Visit the City. (Maybe on a bus?)

49.  Pick berries/ fruit together…..

50. Bake cookies or bread….

FAMILYFUN_HUB_FamilyTime.ashx51.  Take treats to neighbors or friends…..

52. Plant a garden……

53. Join a family choir……

54. Start a family journal……

55. Go to a museum

56. Take a nature hike trail……

57. Have Family Game Night…….

58.  Start a family exercise group…..

50. Sing (in the car)….

family_gametime 51. Visit a local bookstore or library…

52. Make crafts together.  Give them away…

53. Make Christmas ornaments together…..

54. Write a story together…….

55. Learn how to fold the American Flag (or your country’s flag). Have a patriotic night. Have a flag ceremony.

56. Talk about drugs. Do role-playing.

57. Make a family cook book.

58. Write a story together………

59. Pizza making night– Make the dough from scratch or buy the pre-made pizza bread and let each person make their own little personalized pizzas.


60. Star Gazing – Grab some pillows, jackets and discover the world above you.  There are apps you can download to your phone to help you recognize the stars.

61. Laser Tag- I must say this is one of my favorites.  It’s so much fun!

Family movie nights are just a bit more structured than simply renting a movie and letting the kids watch it. Remember, the point of a family fun night is to make it a simple, but a special event that involves all the family. Pop popcorn the old-fashioned way (on the stove) and pop in a DVD….. Let everyone in the family have a turn at deciding which movie to watch.

Remember Family Nights can be a lot of  FUN!

Here Is Another Idea I Love The Jar …….Make a Family Night Activity Jar!  Printable includes 52 activity cards (one for each week of the year) plus blank ones to creat your own! (via CreateCraftLove.com)


(This is a Digital Scrapbooking Software that allows you to create Scrapbooks, Photobooks, Custom Gifts and Printables. It’s pretty easy to use. This program is chock-full of all kinds of goodies and features from backgrounds and picture layouts to tons of embellishments — everything your little  creative, little heart desires If you do get a copy of your own, you won’t regret it!)


 Most importantly though, the best way to have a successful Family Night is to have it. The purpose of Family Night  is to be (and learn) together as a family and all you have to do to achieve that goal is to simply hold Family Night.

The more regularly you bring your family together for Family Night , the more accustomed they will come to being together, participating in Family Night, and being united as a


Fruity Tuties Get a bowl of ice-cream and add some of your favorite juice or soda. Enjoy! –

Oreo Pie – It’s easy, you just get chocolate pudding and Oreo’s and whip cream. Crush the Oreo’s up and put them on the bottom of a pan. Then put the pudding on top .then more crushed up Oreos. then put the whip cream on top and spread it out.-

Homemade Ice-cream Sandwiches – Yummy and easy. First make a box of brownies, any kind. Let cool and cut into squares. Take aluminum foil and put one brownie square on it add vanilla ice cream (or any flavor you like) and top with another brownie. Wrap up and put into freezer. Do this with all the brownies. After FHE serve.


Nachos Put corn chips on a cookie sheet and put on shredded cheese we like the four cheese blend the broil in the oven until the cheese is melted. don’t bake it too long! hard cheese is not very good.

Home Made Oreos – A favorite of my family is a joyous mix. It’s lots of fun to put together as well. Prepare one box of devils food cake. follow the recipe on back on how to prepare it for cookies.

Place the dough/batter on a cookie sheet and cook for app. 10 minutes, (the back of the box should say exactly.) After the cookies are cooked and cooled, spread vanilla frosting on the flat side of each cookie and place to together!!!! ENJOY! –

Orange Julius’ – Put 1 1/2 c. water, 1/2 c. milk, 1/2 c. sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1/2 can frozen orange juice concentrate (regular size can), ice cubes (as much as you like, around 2 cups is good) into a blender. Blend until ice is well crushed. We almost always had this with popcorn!



When you have older kids, like teens, most are  hard to get motivated.  One trick I learned is to show them you mean it, find a bowl or container of some sort and have them all put their extra little things in it.  Like for example, any electronic device like cell phones, ect. go into the basket.  It works like a charm!

Don’t  be discouraged if it takes little time to get your family night started. It’s well worth the effort to start a tradition that strengthens your family bond.


“Because there is no one way to be a perfect parent, but there are a million ways to be a great one.”  Kelle Hampton
As President Ezra Taft Benson said about Family Home Evening, “… Like iron links in a chain, this practice will bind a family together, in love, pride, tradition, strength, and loyalty.

****(Have you ever  made a Photo Book before?  This is the perfect time of the year to do so. All those Pictures of the Special Moments in your Family’s Lives,  should all be Captured and Cherished Forever, and a Photo Book is the perfect way to do it.

You can use Blurb to create a family photo book anytime  It’s a Bound Book of LOVE to be Cherished for Years to Come.)******


I wish that we had the sort of simple laid back life that afforded us the opportunity to have every night be Family Night. And I will admit that a part of me misses the days when all of my children were small and the evenings after dinner were spent reading a chapter from a book, all of us snuggled together on the couch.

But children have this annoying habit of growing up and having lives of their own, as parents we have to take the time to spend together with them wherever we can get it. Having one special night set aside every week to spend as a family has been transformative for my family.

When you have your teenagers putting in requests for the next Family Night and happily coming home on time, you know that you are doing something right.


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A Basket Full of Memories


As you become older you realize that memories and treasured keepsakes are what you come away with from your childhood.  Memories connect our pasts, our present, and our futures — and they connect us to one another. What situations come into your mind when someone asks you to remember your childhood memories?

 Life flies by fast and before you know it your kids will be grown. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make sure that your children have fond memories of growing up. Will your kids remember their Xbox or will they remember the two of you running through the sprinklers on a hot day?

Life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy Memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood” ~ Charlotte Davis Kasl



Childhood memories are usually the simplest of things. Remember when you learned to ride your first bike?  Jumping in a pile of leaves in the fall, making mudpies, snowball fights, playing in the rain, chasing butterflies, gathering eggs in the hen house, playing “dress up” like mom, hunting with dad, turning the crank on the ice cream.

We all have memories of our childhood that are cherished in our hearts forever. It’s not the things that cost the most money, it’s the time spent with the ones we love the most that we’ll always remember. Young parents of today should always try to spend quality time with their children. It’s not what you buy them, but the memories you make together, that they’ll look back on when they’re grown. The simple pleasures that cost nothing, yet are priceless.

A First Memory Starter….

Write your child a letter soon after they are born. Fill it with your thoughts, hopes, dreams and the experience of bringing a new life into the world. Place your note in an envelope and inscribe, “On the day you were born” on it, and tuck it in a journaling-type book.

Each year on your child’s birthday, write another letter to her—fill it with the memories, milestones, dreams, events, ideas and the life that you and your family have created throughout the year. When your child grows up and has a place of his or her own, present the book and continue to send the letters on your child’s birthday.

You will have written a book and told the story of two very special people: you and your child.




 How To Make Memories….

On Your  Lap. It’s the best place in the entire world for a book, story, or conversation. And it’s been right in front of you the whole time.

Hugs and Kisses. I once heard the story of a man who told his 7-year old son that he had grown too old for kisses. I tear up every time I think of it. Know that your children are never too old to receive physical affirmation of your love for them.

Meals Together. Meals provide unparalleled opportunity for relationship, the likes of which can not be found anywhere else. So much so, that a family that does not eat together does not grow together.


You may not be an animal lover – but getting any kind of pet can do miracles! It doesn’t only mean endless joy for your children but it also is a great way to teach them what responsibility is. You don’t have to get a dog or a cat, there are so many animals that make great and easy to keep pets.

Try hamster, fish, parrot or even a turtle. Teach your kid how to feed it and train it. Your children will love you for getting them a pet and you will love the effect it will have on their character. Your first pet is always one of the greatest childhood memories…





You can visit a foreign country, a big city or a village – the important thing is to go to a road trip together as  a family at least once! Wander, explore, experience, bond and create unforgettable memories. You will learn your kids to love traveling and make the most of the chance to spend couple of whole days together.

Holidays and family trips are one of the things we remember with joy . Fill your family album with lots of photos and funny captures!






Give Them The Gift Of Growing Up With These Memories…..

Play with the garden hose

Spot shapes in the clouds

Tell them about God

Hold them when they cry

Sometimes in the summer we would go to the drive-in movie….Mom always made a big sack of popcorn and a Memory I will always remember.


drive in movies


Play dress up

Driving Lessons

Let them climb into bed with you when they have a bad dream

Turn off your cell phone and spend time with them


Tell them you love them every day

Make Snow Ice Cream

Read them fairy tales



Create new everyday rituals: warm vanilla milk, a story or a kiss on the forehead before bedtime—special touches that will help your child drift off to a peaceful sleep.

Kite Flying

Give second chances, third chances, fourth chances…

Piano Lessons

Tell them you believe in them


Blow on a Dandelion and make a wish





Go to the Library

Be kind to them so they’ll learn to be kind


Magic Cabin

“Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.”



  • 1 grassy field
  • 1/2 dozen (or more) children
  • several dogs (and puppies, if available)
  • 1 brook
  • several pebbles


  1. Into field, pour children and dogs — allowing to mix well.
  2. Pour brook over pebbles til slightly frothy.
  3. Cool children and dogs slightly in brook.
  4. When dry, serve with milk and freshly baked gingerbread cookies.







 Each parent would have many stories to tell about their children. These stories would have many moments which are cherishable, memorable and wonderful. Along with that many frustrating and tireful ones too. All these experiences could make each parent an author of a book.

So how do we Save these memories?   Keepy, a tool that lets you snap and store photos of your kids and the stuff they do. Keepy also lets kids and their “followers” add voice and video comments.

If your children had to share their life story with someone else, what memories would be the basis for their story? Now is the time to shape their story with living memories that will last a lifetime.

You are  going to blink and these little people – who, for now, see you  as the beginning and the end of the universe – are going to be all grown up.  Make sure that when that day comes, they will look back and smile and remember the little moments like these. I know I will.

Are you making time to create memories with your children?



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