Some Fun Video Games For The Family

My kids and grandkids love video games. When we lived at the farm we had a Pac-Man game and a Pinball game. Of course we had a Nintendo and look at at all of the new video games out today.

A good video game is challenging, entertaining and complicated. it usually takes a lot of hours of intense concentration to finish one. Even kids who can’t sit still in school can spend hours trying to solve a video or computer game.

Kids diagnosed with ADHD, because they can’t pay attention will play games for 9 straight hours on the computer. the game focuses attention in a way the school doesn’t. 2 Girls playing video game

“Where did you find that Web Site?” That is a question many parents have asked, usually after a scenario like one of the following: You discover you 7 year-old is shooting gorillas with a laser gun; or your 11 year-old is watching nude models; how about your 9 year-old has joined a game club for $29.95 a month or your 13 year-old is chatting with 40 year-olds.

Your kid, in other words, have found some websites you wish they hadn’t. Instead of asking where they found those websites, ask yourself: how can I make sure the sites my kids visit are appropriate and safe. Look at what they are watching. Look over their shoulder. Ask them to show you what websites they are watching.

So let’s Set Some Safety Standards.……………

  • Limit usage. Permit your child have free online time for, say, 30 minutes right after school to instant-message friends, play games, or visit social networking sites, but make it a rule that family time starts with dinner. After that the computer is used for homework and it’s an IM-free zone.
  • Keep kids in sight. Have the computer centrally located. Your child is less likely to browse questionable content if she knows Mom or Dad (or her brother or sister) might walk by at any second. This helps you monitor time spent online, chosen activities, and resultant behavior.
  • Do your homework. Check his browser history to know where your child goes online, and check the sites regularly. Use security tools and privacy features — whether offered by your browser or Internet service provider, or purchased separately — for extra protection. 
  • GetNetWise… has more information about these safety features.


  • Set a code of conduct and time limits…. Keeping kids safe means setting guidelines about suitable language, content, and behavior. While it’s important to direct your child to suitable websites, it’s even more valuable to help her recognize the redeeming qualities of those sites, so she can surf safely on her own.
  • Critique content….. Help your child think critically about the content he reads and sees. Encourage him to check facts with multiple sources before including them in a school report. Try to distinguish between user-generated content and reputable institutions.

I have listed some sites that I think young kids and teenagers will like. Go and take a look and try some of them with your children, I think they will like them.

Social Network Sites that are safe for your children……………….

I Am Really Excited to Share With You a  FREE WEB TOOL  For Kids That Encourages Creativity With TINKERCAD! 


Tinkercad is Extremely Intuitive and Easy To Use, and Has Built-In Lessons To Help You Learn The Ropes, Making It Perfect For Beginners Both Young and Old.

To get started, hop over to Tinkercad’s Website.

Everloop…………Free social platform for kids with lots of parental privacy controls.

ScuttlePad……..A fun, safe online community for young children.


Top 10 Do’s

1) Children follow the time restraints and rules put in place concerning the Internet while online. Be forth coming and honest with your parents.

2) If you plan to meet someone that you have met only over the Internet, always have a parent or guardian with kidsvideogamesyou.

3) You should tell your parents immediately if you accidentally come across anything that is inappropriate. This could be an image, language, or anything else you don’t think appears to be right.

4) Help watch younger siblings when their online.

5) Use an anonymous name while in chat rooms, forums, and with email addresses.

6) Immediately close your browser if inappropriate images or language pop up.

7) Use the Internet to gain access to libraries and information to help with homework.

8) Make use of the Internet, but make sure to get outside and play as well.

9) Treat others on the Internet the way you wish to be treated. 10) Use virus scanning soft ware when downloading files.



If  your Family loves Legos…. you are going to love  ROBLOX

It is a new awesome game just like Legos, but you can play it on the PC! How cool is that! You build, play and have a great time! The neat thing is not only is it FREE, but you also earn Roblox Dollars to spend in the interactive store!


It’s official! Disney’s PLANES movie has made a safe landing in theaters nationwide in August!  Here are couple of fun and FREE Disney PLANES games.




In Propwash Pursuit….. kids take control of Dusty Crophopper and help him train for the Wings Around the Globe rally. This adventure games works on your Desktop.




Jet Stream Racers lets kids help Dusty navigate courses and collect points to earn achievements and unlock characters. This game is available on Desktop, tablet and mobile.

 Art Games…. This delightfully interactive and fun website is hosted by Buffalo, New York’s Albright Knox Art Gallery. Kids from 4 to 12 will have a blast creating their own masterpieces and playing art-spirational games.

Epic Movie Games………...Play Epic movie games and explore Epic activities here on the official site!

Disney Junior…. Fans of the Disney staples like Sofia the First, Doc Mcstuffins, and Jake and the Never Land Pirates will swoon for the interactive games and videos on the colorful sit


Seussville…… Another website with great games and activites based on books your kids probably already know.  You can also purchase books on the site.


Net Smartz Kids Developed by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the website is filled with age-appropriate activities to educate children ages 5 to 17 on how to stay safe on the Internet.

In an effort to keep the NetSmartKids site safe and positive, the site does not link to any outside sources. Resources are available for parents, educators, and law enforcement to get the most out of the NetSmartKids experience.


Lego Dolphin Cruiser Game—-Build your own water scooter and go waterskiing with dolphins. When you’ve collected enough points, have a party on the yacht. Many more Lego Games on this Fun Site!

Wizard 101 …………….. “An online, multiplayer, Wizard school adventure game with collectible card magic, wizard duels, and far off worlds! The game allows players to create a student Wizard in an attempt to save Wizard City and explore many different worlds. ” Excellent for those budding Harry Potters amongst you. Parents should know that the age rating is for children aged 10 and over.



Random House Kids…… Lots of fabulous games and activities based on your favorite Random House books.  The games and activities are free.


Purp …………..a new pacman-type game for kids and teens. The idea is simple, but this addicting game is by no means easy. With additional improvements and tricks, Purp uses a completely different approach to the classic Pac-man game idea by converting it from a static playing area into an ever-forward moving track.

This makes the game much more challenging, and players require more quick thinking and reaction skills. You play as a purple little Purp where your aim is to collect as many purple dots (munchies) as you can. The maze is always moving forward, and you have to choose the right path to travel to collect as many points and keep pace with the moving maze.

There is no time to stop while you eat all of the dots. If you can’t make it along at the speed of the moving maze, you will be brought back to start all over again. Avoid the Beasties who are out to munch you up!  If they catch you, you will lose and have to start again. Avoid dead ends or you may end up trapped in a corner with no way out.


  Gymboree Children's Clothing


Kidyos….Covering fun activities like videos, games, and music, Kidyos is worth a look if you have a child who is between 1 and 6 years of age.




Jumping Box…… fun arcade-type game requiring some skill, some physics knowledge and good old common sense. You will spend hours trying to find the best way to move your box around. There are various boxes that obstruct your flight path – some of them can be pushed out of the way while others cannot be touched at all. There are even bonus point boxes to collect.

ABCKidsINC …..providing plenty of great educational videos for kids.


Pottermore Three words, parents: Harry Potter website. There is so much information to dig through on this site, you could easily organize the basement while your Hogwarts wannabe takes it all in.

Online Mad Virus Game… an addicting board game for the whole family. Thinking of various strategies will guarantee you hours of fun. Be the mastermind behind rapidly growing viruses. Your aim is to grow a virus that covers the board before you run out of moves.

Plan your moves strategically and watch your virus contaminate all cells on the playing field. Dominate the field in the least amount of moves possible and get bonus points. The cells with the eyes are controlled by you.

After choosing a color with the buttons at the left, your virus will expand to the cells of the chosen color that are in direct contact with controlled cells. You will see the remaining turns, score and level at the top of the game screen. Score more points by acting quickly. Good luck in spreading the Virus! Kids Playing Video Games Puzzle Pirates ……………”Addictive” – Time Magazine. Enough said.

Moshi Monsters …………….Cute, user friendly site where you can adopt your own pet Monster, create a home for it in Monstro City and share your creation with the world! It’s like having an online tamagochi. Users must also complete puzzles & games and there are limited social network opportunities so parents should check out the Parents’ Page for more information.

SpongeBob Square Pants ………………… can find this Krabby Patty-flipping character in free online games of almost any kind, from action games to puzzle games.

Pac-man …………………..The Original Pacman game.

TVO Kids The content on TV Ontario’s kids’ website truly is top notch. In addition to the standard fare of games, video and contests, they have developed their very own educational games and apps that will challenge your kids in new ways. Choose from content designed for 2 – 5 year olds or content for anyone 11 or under. ………………..A great 80’s game

Galactic Warrior ……………………..Get the enemy spaceship before they get you.


Globey—-on the Roll……………………… Help Globey get rolling to save his dragon friends in an exciting mix of puzzle and arcade fun…………………… Join the Birthday Club to recieve a free car and birthday card on your birthday.

Book ……………Free reading program for kid’s in grades K-8 to read. Read books and win prizes..

Museum of Unnatural History…. Great selection of stories you can print out and read to your children. Also great scientific information for kids


images This is a website where kids can play games, figure out riddles and you can dress up your charactor anyway you want.

CBC Kids There’s games and videos galore starring your kidlet’s favourite CBC Kids characters. Enjoy peace of mind knowing the CBC offers quality programming for young and old alike.

Farm Mania …………..Enjoy fast farm fun as you harvest crops, tend to animals and more.

Kids Planet …………..Play games and travel through the Web with Kids Planet.



Barbie ……………..Fun activities, crafts and other online fun all revolving around Barbie.

Funology ……………. This site is about the Science of Having Fun- it is educational and fun- it has a few games, jokes, brain busters and more.

American Girl …………………. A real on-line fun place for girls. Create e-cards, do fun activites, post your photo and play games.

Global Warming Kids…… An Educational site that has games, activities for all ages and provide parents with some great tips on incorporating green living practices into their family.

Net Blazer……. Make your way around the 3 point perimeter and make as many shots as you can.…… Is a virtual world where boys and girls from all over the world come to chat, play, learn, and have fun together. You design your face, earn clams by playing games, hang out at the beach, and go to town events at the Greek theater. You can start your own business, buy a car, and give friends a ride, or write for the town newspaper

Checkers…... Checker games and Checker everything. 3673154-833058-happy-family-playing-a-video-game

Flash Box ……Based on the classic Tetris game.

Candyland……… Coloring pages and fun activities related to Candyland.

Thomas and Friends…….. This site offers a number of favorite characters for children to interact with through games and fun activities. The star, of course, is Thomas the Train.

Astro Saver ………Two astronauts have begun their journey to collect stars and lost astronauts.

Skip-Bo Castaway Caper…….. Explore a remote island teaming with SKIP-BO fun.

Frozen–Double Trouble…..Help Ann make her way up the mountain in her epic journey to find her sister Elsa

National Geographic Kids……………………. Kids games, animal, videos, stories and more.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles…….Listen to the little voices in your head and play this new bubble-shooter game based on Disney’s Pixar “Inside Out!”


Lego Games…………… Design and build your own Lego Creations on your computer or play fun games online with all your favorite Lego themes.

Nasa Kids Club……………………. Discover all kinds of fun and useful facts about space with great games and activities from NASA.

“M&Ms” Fun & Games …………………….This site is for the whole family. Lots of games and information, recipes an much more.

Kellog’s Treasured Island……………………….. Come and find your way through Treasured Island.

Alien Addition ……………………...This is a fun game that helps improve addition skills. You can select the range of problems and the speed of the game so it is right for you.

en_badge_web_genericGoogle Play…..Choose from a Universe of Games and play on any device.



Go Girls Only……………….. A fun site sponsored by the Girl Scouts of America. Fun and games for girls. Virtual playworld

Club Penquin…………….. Virtual Playworld.

Disney Princess Game……………….. Games and videos for all little Princess lovers. Official Disney Princess Site.

Up to Ten……………….. Educational and Fun games and activities for children aged up to ten years of age.

Webkinz………………..Virtual playworld for kids. In order to play you have to have purchased a webkinz stuffed animal. Although many kids younger than 7 may go to this site, I believe it is most appropriate for kids older than 6 and that can read the information.

Weather Channel Kids Site...Information and games about the Weather.

The Magic School Bus….Fun Facts, Games and Science Information for Kids and Teachers.

Wonderopolis…..This website has allowed us to answer questions we didn’t even know we had. “Can one bad apple spoil the whole bunch?” or “Why don’t spiders get caught in their own webs?”  This website is lots of fun for curious minds.

 The internet is an incredible tool. It can be hugely rewarding and it can support your child’s education. Games, chosen properly, actually prepare children for the future.

If you embrace it, you’re going to be doing an incredible amount to accelerate your child’s behavior and maturity in a community.

And it’s FUN.




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