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Now is the time to Dream your Dream of music. I started to learn to play the piano at the age of 6. I would walk down to my piano’s teachers house every Monday and for 1/2 hour I started to learn all about the piano.This went on for 10 years until the age of 16 I had a very strict teacher and being a teenager and I had more important things to do…. I quit.

I am grateful I took lessons as long as I did because I can sight read music and play the piano for my children and grandchildren. I have been asked to play the piano though the years for church and school performances. You can learn to play the piano at any age. My mother took lessons in her seventies and can sit and play a few songs.


The piano, as we know it today, has been around for more than 400 years and is one of the most commonly known musical instruments. The piano is nicknamed the “King of the Instruments.” The most important reason for this comes from the range of tones it can produce. The piano can cover the entire range of every orchestra instrument from lowest to highest.

Some Interesting Facts About The Piano

  • The word “piano” is a shortened form of the Italian word “pianoforte” which means ‘soft and loud’, and refers to the instrument’s ability to play at different volumes.



  • The Piano was invented in 1698 by the Italian inventor, Bartolomeo Cristofori.


  • One of the most interesting things about the piano is that its design did not change at all in the last 100 years.


  • The piano is the biggest musical instrument (excluding the pipe organ) and one of the only instruments which enable its player to produce melody and accompaniment simultaneously.


  • A piano is made up of approximately 12,000 parts, 10,000 of those parts move to produce sounds.istock_000008453612xsmall


  • Various materials comprise the contemporary piano, including copper, iron, steel, paper and thousands of wooden pieces.


  • About 70 percent of a piano is made of wood.
  • Until the 1950′s, the majority of piano keys were made out of Ivory Today the key are made out of plastic.


  • Most modern pianos have a total of 88 keys (36 black and 52 white keys)
  • The average piano has approximately 230 strings. The strings are made out of steel. They are strung so tightly that together can create 18-30 tons of pressure.


  • The first note (on a standard 88 note keyboard) is A and the last note of the keyboard is C.
  • Humidity is number one reason for pianos going out of tuned.
  • The biggest piano in the world is the Challen Concert Grand. It is 11 feet long and weighs one ton.


  • Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the US, played a Chickering Grand #5070 during his stay in the White House.
  • The most expensive piano to be sold was during an auction when a Victorian Steinway grand piano was sold for 1.2 million US Dollars.

The piano first known as the pianoforte evolved from the harpsichord around 1700 to 1720, by Italian inventor Bartolomeo Cristofor. Harpsichord manufacturers had been determined to produce an instrument with a better dynamic response than the harpsichord. Bartolomeo Cristofali, the keeper of instruments in the court of Prince Ferdinand de Medici of Florence, was the first to solve the problem.



The instrument was already over a hundred years old by the time Beethoven was writing his last sonatas, around the time when it ousted the harpsichord as the standard keyboard instrument.

Around 1780, the upright piano was created by Johann Schmidt of Salzburg, Austria and later improved in 1802 by Thomas Loud of London whose upright piano had strings that ran diagonally.

n 1881, an early patent for a piano player was issued to John McTammany of Cambridge, Mass. John McTammany described his invention as a “mechanical musical instrument.” It worked using narrow sheets of perforated flexible paper which triggered the notes.

”No other acoustic instrument can match the piano’s expressive range, and no electric instrument can match its mystery.” – Kenneth Miller


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So many piano players, right from Beethoven to Yanni, have left an everlasting impression on the world of music.

Famous Piano Players

Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven was born in the year 1770 in Bonn. His first music teacher was his own father and by the time he turned twelve, his piano music had already been published. Beethoven first went to Vienna in the year 1787 and studied music there with Schenk, Salieri, Albrechtsberger and Joseph Haydn.



The years 1795 to 1801, are believed to be Beethoven’s best years, as far as his music is concerned. During this period, Beethoven composed three sonatas, three piano concertos, six string quartets and two symphonies.

In the year 1802, Beethoven developed hearing impairment which caused him lots of depression and even blocked his ability to create music for a while.

It took Beethoven a few years to overcome his depression and finally he came up with “Eroica” Symphony no. 3, Symphony no. 5 and an opera “Fidelio”. In his personal life, Beethoven could never find his “true love” and had a string of unsuccessful affairs. He finally died in the year 1827 due to lead poisoning.


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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart, born on 27th January, 1756 in Germany, is a pianist and musician of the classical era. He is known to have composed more than six hundred works including numerous symphonies, concertos, operas and choral music.



Mozart started composing music at the age of five and by the time he was seventeen, he was a court musician and performing before royalty in Salzburg. Mozart style of music ranged from the light and the graceful to the dark and the passionate. His music greatly influenced the western art music including great pianists like Beethoven. Mozart died very early, in the year 1791.

Jerry Lee Lewis

Born on 29th September, 1935 in Louisiana, Jerry Lee Lewis became popular among the music lovers for his wild and out of box piano playing style. Jerry as he was famously called, started off singing country music and gospel music, before he evolved into a rock and roll piano player.



Jerry, now counted among the most famous piano players, was long admired for his foot stomping live piano performances, till the time controversies regarding his personal life such as his marriage to his thirteen year old cousin, overshadowed his talent and ultimately led to his downfall.

Frederic Chopin

Frederic Chopin, born on 22nd February, 1810, was a polish genius, who is known the world over as the creator and player of the most complicated and beautiful music that has ever been played. Chopin is remembered even today for his distinctive and unique style of piano playing.



Chopin wrote concertos, nocturnes and sonatas and performed live in places like Paris and England. Popularity of his music can be gauged from the fact that his music works are today taught in almost all the piano schools.

Billy Joel

Known famously as “The Piano Man”, Billy Joel was born on 9th May, 1949 in New York. When he was fourteen, he joined a group named “The Lost Souls” and a few years later he became part of another group named “The Hassels”.


In the year 1970, Billy along with a drummer of the group “The Hassels”, formed “Attila”. In the year 1971, Billy parted from “Attila” and released an album named “Cold Spring Harbor”, which brought him instant stardom.

Some other famous albums of Billy Joel are “Streetlife Serenade”, “52nd Street” and “An Innocent Man”.

Yiannis Hrysomallis, famously known as Yanni, was born in Greece on 14th November, 1954. Yanni has had no formal education in music, he is self taught and began playing music very early. During his college days, Yanni joined a band named “Chameleon” and toured with them to places like Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois, playing music.


In the year 1987, he formed his own band in California with Charlie Adams and John Tesh and started promoting three of his albums named, “Keys to Imagination”, “Chameleon Days” and “Out of Silence”. In the year 1992, Yanni’s first Grammy nominated album named “Dare to Dream” was released. In the year 1994, “Yanni Live at the Acropolis” was released which brought him tremendous commercial success.

Yanni has performed live in more than twenty countries and has many gold and platinum albums credited to his name.

Many excellent piano players started their education at a young age, because they were given the opportunity by their parents, relatives, or friends, and with time they found a way to express themselves, and increase their self confidence

When you start to play the piano you need motivation. Make sure that you are learning to pay attention to certain key fingerings and notations. The biggest tip for beginners is to keep an open mind. Play your songs with feeling.

Be excited about everything your teacher tells you to do, even if it is only learning songs on the black keys. If you know how to play the piano and read music you can play any instrument or sing any song. Cool uh?


The most important thing to becoming a good piano player is to practice. The more you practice the piano the easier it gets.

There are many resources on the web which can provide you with some of the best piano lessons online. With such information on piano playing skills and techniques, you can easily understand the fundamental concepts about the instrument and playing styles

If you have always want to learn to play the piano anyone can use and succeed with this easy-to-use material…..As a Pianist, would you enjoy the capacity to sit down at your piano and just play the songs you hear and get pleasure from? Are there songs you want to play with your church? Maybe you want to write and perform your own music.


According to your Grammy Award-winning teacher, Will Barrows, the Learn & Master Piano product is designed to take you from basics to Beethoven.

With this course you get some Play-Along CDs….. This is where the fun comes in!  These five CDs allow you to “play along” with an actual band, using the very same songs you’ll be learning in your lessons. There’s no better way to learn than by playing, and there’s no way to play that’s more fun than jamming with a band. You’ll be amazed at how much fun this makes your practice time! Your friends and family will be impressed, too, at how soon you are playing such beautiful music. Professional Instruction Learn & Master Piano gives you a rare opportunity to study from a real pro.

Mr. Barrow is not only a truly masterful player with a very impressive bio, but also an incredibly talented teacher and communicator. You won’t find a better piano instructor anywhere, and we are honored to have him as part of our team.

Piano Learning System

The piano is a unique and interesting instrument  and is also fun to play. While you may think that it is impossible to become good without years and years of extensive piano lessons, it’s actually not.

Get some musical knowledge about the notes, keys and chords with Learn and Master Piano  and with some free time, they can teach you to play to piano.

This Website is Filled with Free Music Theory Worksheets.  A GREAT RESOURCE TO HAVE!

Free Resources – Free Sheet Music and Theory Printables – Let’s Play Music.


Tips on how to teach Let It Go from Frozen to kids on the piano in a simple and accessible way.





We hope this information helps you, and best of luck in the future as you explore the Beautiful World of the Piano.



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