Music Is What Feelings Sound Like

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The subject area of music is both an interesting one and large one. It could focus around a certain genre, learning  to play an instrument or how to mix and produce your own music.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to these areas of music as well as many more areas concerned with the subject of music.


Music’s history goes back to the beginning of time. Words weren’t even needed to make beautiful sounds with any available ‘instrument’.

Music is expression and has blossomed into a variety of genres for any occasion and any emotion. Music comes from the soul of its creator.

Most musicians will tell you that they don’t know where the music comes from, they just know it’s what they have to do. The first type of music dates back to the beginning of time when the first human mother sung a lullaby to her sleepy baby. As people progressed, music started to change too.

Drums and rain sticks were made as the first instruments, then later on there were fiddles and guitars to add to the music.

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There are many types of music. The most popular types are pop, rhythm and blues, country, folk, alternative, and punk. There is also a type of traditional music for every culture.

Who Invented Country Music……
Country music began around 1920 by combining folk, gospel and old-time music. Immigrants to the Southern Appalachian Mountains are said to be the originators of country music. It was first referred to as hillbilly music, but changed to country music around 1940. The first recording of this type of music was Sallie Gooden by A.C. (Eck) Robertson in 1922.
Who Invented Rap Music…
People that are hard core rap fans usually give this credit to DJ Herc, who was from Jamaica. In the 1970’s he moved from Jamaica to New York and made the dj style rap on the radio.
Who Invented Jazz Music…..
Jazz music is a true American invention. This style of music formed from the influences of African and European music traditions. It began in African American southern communities by the beginning of the 20th century. The term jazz was first used to refer to music in Chicago around 1915.
Who Invented Rock and Roll Music…..
Rock music was invented by by a man named Chuck Berry. This took place in the year of 1955. Rock music is extremely popular on the music charts today. The term “rock and roll’ is now so familiar to us that few ask where it got its origins and how the name came about. While there are many theories on the beginnings of rock and roll, many agree it was dubbed this name after World War II.
 The sound, was then born from a fusion of rhythm and blues along with influences from the African American culture as well as from America’s country music and gospel music scenes.
Some say rock and roll dates back further in country records of the 1930s, blues records of the 1920s even though it was never labeled as such.
Who Invented Gospel Music….
Gospel music was not invented by any one person. In fact, people sing gospel music as a way to praise their God. Many times, people would sing praise and it would later become a song but no one person invented it as people sang everywhere.
Who Invented Soul Music….No one person can claim to be the inventor of soul music, although Ray Charles was a very popular early influence. Soul music became a popular genre of recorded music in the 1960s following years of development as Rhythm & Blues mixed with Gospel predominantly within the African-American community.
Many music historians credit James Brown as “The Godfather of Soul” and Aretha Franklin as “The Queen of Soul.” Record labels of the sixties that ushered in soul music were Stax, Berry Gordy’s Motown and Tamla and Ahmet Ertegun’s Atlantic.

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FACTS ABOUT MUSIC Music was sent down a telephone line for the first time in 1876, the year the phone was invented.  The CD was developed by Phillips and Sony in 1980. The Star Spangled Banner became the US National Anthem in 1931.  Prior to that, it was “My County Tis  Of  Thee” which has the same melody as Britain’s National Anthem, “God Save The Queen.” 

This is based on music written by John Bell in 1619.  Bell’s melody has been used more that any song in  National Anthems.   It was at a concert in Minneapolis in 1954 that Al Dvorin first closed Elvis’s concerts with: ” Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the Building.  Thank you and Good Night.”


The LP record (long-playing) record was invented by Paul Goldmark in 1948. The Longest Song to reach number one on the Billboard Charts on LP was “I’d Do Anything For Love” by Meatloaf.  The shortest song was “Stay” by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs.

The Beatles holds the top spot of album sales in the US (106Million), followed by Garth Brook s second, (92 million), Led Zeppelin (83 million), Elvis Presley, (77 million), and the Eagles, (65 million). 

World wide the Beatles sold more than 1 billion records. A grand piano can be played faster than an upright (spinet) piano. The last note of a keyboard is C. The term “disc jockey” was first used in 1937.

Beethoven was the first composer who never had an official court position, thus the first known freelance musician. Born in 1770, he grew up poor, but published his first work at age 12. By age 20 he was famous.


He often sold the same score to six or seven different publishers simultaneously, and demanded unreasonably large fees for the simplest work. He was short, stocky, dressed badly, didn’t like to bath, lived in squalor, used crude language, openly conducted affairs with married women, and had syphilis.

Beethoven was deaf when he composed his Ninth Symphony.

The top selling singles of all time are Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind ‘97″, at 33 million, Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”, 30 million, and Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock”, 25 million.

There are many different types of music in the world today. All of us need music to get relaxed and to be emotionally enriched with new ideas and thoughts.

Listen to ll Divo and see how it will touch your soul……

In some way, music affects everyone.  Whether it is, a young girl’s favorite song on the radio, a college student’s escape from reality or a form of entertainment to a married couple, music brings everyone together.  Music definitely affects the lifestyles of people in many different ways. 
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The diverse styles of music makes people look and act differently.  Music has many different levels.  To me, levels meaning; the more independent and progressive the music is, the more the fans take it to the extreme. 


Music creates style.  It causes people to talk, act, and dress the way they do.  I hope to discover how much music influences people, especially college students.  Also, the more fascinated they are the more influences it has to them.

  I would like to prove, that to some, music is nothing more than the pop song playing on the radio in the car, and to others, it is a major part of their life.  It is very interesting to me, to learn the effects music has toward people.

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Most new players practice until they get it “right”. If you want to excel at playing an instrument(or any discipline), you have to practice, until you can’t get it wrong.

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Once again….This Is What Feelings Sound Like Music makes people happy. Music ignites a Joyful Mood.  Music helps to with stress. 

Music reduces depression, by helping to lift up the broken and sorrowful heart.  Music relaxes the nerves.  Music can affect the body and the mind positively.

Check out this video that is a great example of how music will move you……..


Music is capable of moving us emotionally. Music can help us to say things that we don’t know how to say.

We can also be moved by music to say and do things we may have never had the courage to do.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”





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