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Thanks For Coming to Visit Our Website.

We  Have 6 Children and  19 Grandchildren and I Love Being a Mom and a Grandparent!

We  Raised Many  Foster Children Along With Our Own Children For 15 years and Grew 2200 Asian Pears Trees . 

We All Lived On a 10-acre Farm and Loved It.  Our  Children Have All Grown, and Some Live Close, and Some Not So Close (which We do not like) but FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts are all fun ways to stay connected to family that lives in a different state.

To get a little more creative in the technology department, you can start your own Private Facebook Group (we have done this)  and add your long distance family members. Within the Facebook group, you can share pictures, stories, and other fun updates, that you might not want shared with other people on your Facebook profile.

I  Loved Making This Website About Families and I Hope You Enjoy It and Will Visit Often. This Website Tells Some of the Memories in our Families Life,  and The Things We Enjoy Doing. 

Our Children All Grew Up So Fast But  The Memories Will Always Be There and We are Making Many More!

Remember ” The Family Circle Never Ends.”





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**Thoughts of You by  Paula Stone**
Memories of another time still come
To me and fill my mind, with thoughts
Of you when you were young. I lie awake
‘Till the morning sun comes creeping
Through my window shade, as I dwell upon
Mistakes I’ve made. What I would give to
Go back in time and feel you’re little
Hand in mine. To cherish each fast and
Fleeting day. To hold you close and kiss
Away, each pain that life will have in
Store and try to give you so much more.
You are part and will always be, imbedded in the soul of me. While I’m
Here, I want to say, that I’ve loved you
Each and every day and when my time on
Earth is gone.
The privilege was mine to have been your Mom.


A  Wish for You….

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