Does Having a Child Change Your Life?

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Okay, you knew it was inevitable. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… well, technically before the baby, then comes 9-months of a body changing experience. Common wisdom today is to wait several years after marriage to have kids. If you don’t, you’re breaking some unspoken rule that says children ruin young marriages.

It wasn’t just about me any more; it never would be again. 🙂

baby boyHow does having a child change your life and routine? It changes like this. Before you become a parent, you have priorities in your life or rather you prioritize things and people in your life according to what you feel is appropriate.

Once you become a parent, your first priority always remains your child and nothing in this world can change that. You cannot commit to anything or anyone before you make sure you have done everything you need to for your child.


A mother cannot think of a job if her child isn’t used to living without her. You cannot time any of your activities after the birth of your child. Any time, any second, your child might ask for you. Like the genie in a bottle, you will have to be there for him.

Babies are such a nice way to start people.~ Don Herold

Welcome to motherhood: the single most profound and transformative rite of passage a woman can experience. Of course, there are other major turning points throughout our lives — puberty, graduations, career achievements, marriage — but none can really compare to the experience of welcoming a child into this world and being responsible for its care. Motherhood is the most precious gift as well as the ultimate responsibility . . . and the doorway to the most extraordinary love you have ever known. It stretches you beyond what you ever imagined you were capable of. It can be a source of supreme fulfillment.

To say that motherhood transforms your life forever is something of an understatement. The moment your child is born, your life undergoes seismic changes; however things were before this tiny creature arrived, they certainly are no longer that way. It turns your life, your schedule, your perspective, and your relationships inside out, backward, and upside down.

You feel a love that is different from anything you’ve ever felt before. What mattered before seems less significant as a whole new set of priorities arise, and you experience life in a totally new way. When you assume the new identity of “mother,” within an instant your world is never quite the same again.

thumbnail.aspxLet me Give you 7 Ways a Baby Will Change Your Life the First Year

  • Love: A new baby will introduce you to the deepest, purest love you’ll ever know.
  • Self: Having a child “completes you” and makes you a better person.
  • Marriage: Baby’s first year of life exerts many pressures on a marriage.
  • Career: There are so many decisions to be made. Will you be able to balance all of the responsibilities that go along with making a living and raising a child—and do them both successfully?
  • Spiritual Life: The miracle of new life can be spiritually awakening.
  • Friends: Friendships come and go throughout your life—but especially when a new baby arrive/
  • Extended Family: Having a baby is a “family affair” that impacts—both positively and negatively—your relationships with parents, in-laws and siblings.

It’s difficult to anticipate what will be on the other side of the changes, or what your life will look like after a baby arrives. You can plan, prepare, speculate, and imagine, but what it comes down to is this: no one knows exactly how their life will change when they become a parent. They only know for certain that it will.

A three year old child is one who gets as much fun out of a set of swings as it does out of finding a worm. ~Bill Vaughan


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So I’m going to let out the secrets…what are some of the things that change after a child comes into you life that no one tells you about.

1. You venture into areas of your TV volume meter that have never been explored…

2. You must now share cabinet space with brightly colored sippy cups. Be glad you did not install those fancy clear cabinet doors…because I guarantee the neon rainbow does not go with most kitchen decors.

Other cabinets are completely taken over… What used to be there? I forget (loss of memory is another thing they don’t tell you about)

temple-city-arcadia-family-baby-photography-104. You find it financially necessary to buy a digital camera. I have taken over 2000 pictures in the past 19 months. You know how much it would have cost to develop 2000 pictures? Most of them blurry, off center, or otherwise not visually pleasing…

5. Your computer wallpaper can no longer be some cool scenery or your favorite sports team. It is, of course, a picture (or even slide show) of your kid…

6. Hearing a kid crying is no longer like nails on a chalkboard. It still bothers you, but you are extremely desensitized compared to it’s pre-kid effects…

7. Other people’s kids crying doesn’t bother you like it did before you had kids either. It has other effects on you, like…chuckling quietly because you know exactly what the crying kid’s parent is going through and you are just glad it is not you this time…but you know your turn is coming.

8. No longer does your back yard look like a golf course green. Now it looks like the playground at the park…

9. Your refrigerator will now be a major source of entertainment for your little one. A little side effect? Coming down in the middle of the night to get a drink and stepping on refrigerator magnets that have been left lying on the floor

10. It is not only recommended, but often necessary to change your habits. Those little people are like copy-catting sponges…

But even though you have to deal with the noise, the cabinet rearrangements, the wallpaper hijacking, the buying of a digital camera, the crying, the loss of your beautiful backyard, the refrigerator decorations, and the nose picking…it is all worth it.

When people ask me what I do, I always say I am a mother first. Your children represent your thoughts. Your children are a statement.

It may take a little time, but every mother eventually creates new routines that work for her. Making the shift from being on your own or part of a couple to becoming a family isn’t easy, but it can be done — and has been done millions of times before. You’ve transitioned before in your lifetime, and all your skills will come into play here. Trust yourself. Let go of your idea of how it was “supposed to be.” Ask for guidance from other mothers whom you respect. Rely on those around you who are willing to help out, especially your partner. Relax, breathe, trust; you’ll find your new rhythm in time.

new_born_baby_smallThe day your child is born, your family is complete. From being just husband and wife, you now become parents to a child. This changing of your role brings with it a lot of changes.

You have to, for your entire life, take care of a child now, bring up the child, educate him and attend to him whenever needed. In the process of forming and giving a direction to the life of another, your life itself has to go through tons of changes.

Just a last thought – your freedom will be curtailed, but if your experience is anything like mine, you wouldn’t trade your new life for anything.



A Child is an expression of the love we share.  There is something spiritual about raising a family and helping these young souls find their way in life.
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Here are Reasons Why Having Children is The Most Amazing Gift You Give Each Other…..

Beautiful Babies PicturesHaving a baby changes a mom’s life, but the bundle of joy also alters the way she looks at the world and lives each day. Here are some of the purest perks that come with being a mother.

  1. A single gummy smile can save even the biggest wreck of a day.
  2. When the infant fusses, your mere presence calms him.
  3. You see everything for the first time again through the child’s eyes — even ants are amazing.
  4. If you rest your child on your chest, your hearts beat in unison.
  5. When he laughs, he shakes, drools, and almost keels over, but it’s the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. So you make him do it again and again.
  6. You think about the future in bigger and brighter ways. You picture him heading off to kindergarten and graduating from high school.
  7. You anticipate and even dream of little things like a cutting tooth, a single step, or a two syllable utterance: “mama.”
  8. You forget about things you used to care so much about, because they actually don’t matter at all.
  9. You finally understand what “a mother’s instinct” means.
  10. Your will to live intensifies because you don’t want to miss a moment of your child’s spectacular life.


Life is infinitely more wonderful with the baby in town, and if I’d known this I probably would have had children younger, and planned for more.


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Your reality is transformed the moment your child arrives.

My best advice to anyone who wants to listen is that becoming a parent is the most important and time consuming thing you will ever do in your life. It is not a 9 to 5 job. It is a 24-7 day a week job. Some people say it ends when the child turns 18. That is also not true.

You will be a parent for the rest of your life and your children will always be your children and when they need you, your paternal instinct will kick in and you will be there to help even if they don’t want you too. You will always be the parent and they will always be your babies. Age does not change that.

Just know that when you make the decision to have a baby or if that decision is made for you in whatever way it happens, just know parenthood is forever.

It may take a little time, but every mother eventually creates new routines that work for her. Making the shift from being on your own or part of a couple to becoming a family isn’t easy, but it can be done — and has been done millions of times before. You’ve transitioned before in your lifetime, and all your skills will come into play here.

Trust yourself. Let go of your idea of how it was “supposed to be.” Ask for guidance from other mothers whom you respect. Rely on those around you who are willing to help out, especially your partner. Relax, breathe, trust; you’ll find your new rhythm in time.

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