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Family Values have been thrown right out the window with all of the other trash we so willingly toss. Everything in our society has become disposable,  causing us to work harder, to make more money and  to buy the stuff to throw away.


The American family is not changing but rather declining, at an alarming rate. Meaning it is ‘falling apart’ and ‘disintegrating’.

The family unit is normally composed of three status positions: husband/father, wife/mother and child/adolescent who have various roles that they are expected to play so as to fulfill the required expectations of a  family.

The traditional American family is becoming a thing of the past. Today, children are being raised in households with every type of family unit imaginable.


What ever happened to those good old days that you remember as a child?

With families spread across the country gone are the Sunday dinners at Grandma’s house. Gone are the hours of stories told by Grandpa about “the old days”.

Gone are the times when any family member in need was lifted up by others of the same family.

What happened to traditions?

The times are gone when you could come home from school to ask Mom a question or just give her a hug because you had a good day, maybe even cry on her shoulder because someone teased you.

Now you have to wait until 7 or 8 pm, or later to talk to mom or dad because they are at work. If you are lucky they might have a job that permits phone calls.

What we find in America today are homeless and abuse shelters filled to the maximum capacity night after night. We have an ever increasing suicide rate. In America there are thousands upon thousands of young children who see their grandparents once or twice a year, or worse yet don’t see them at all.

I remember when I was younger everyone in the neighborhood knew each other. We  would all  ride our bikes until dark. You did not have to lock your doors and the threat of drugs was not there. We all got along and the spirit of love was everywhere.

Gone are the days when mom was home to greet the children, as my mother was with warm cookies, homemade bread  or fresh baked chocolate chip cookies  and hot chocolate at the end of a school day.

We have forgotten the basic NEEDS of kids, food, clothes, a roof over their head and Love. That is what they truly need,2622977-alphabet-toy-building-blocks-spelling-the-word-love the rest are wants, and wants is what comes after all the needs have been met.

If the time that is spent with children becomes less and less then their one basic need is not being met, Love. Kids associate the amount of time spent with them as how much love you have for them. 

If you spend more time at your job than with them, they will assume you love your job more.

Generations back families spent more time together. They didn’t have speed boats, motorbike  or Mercedes Benz . No Ipods  or cellphones Wii games  or computers. We spent more time communicating eye to eye.

The things that kept family together are disappearing, and it’s sad…

How many  children that you know are considered “latch key kids” they have to go home to an empty house and often are there for a few hours before parents arrive.


The advent of technology has eased the loneliness and boredom that could ensue during this time and is now filled with  Facebook , Twitter, My Space and Cable Television. Children’s social networks allow them to communicate with friends over the Internet and most kids spend little if any time outdoors.

When I was a child we had a black and white TV  , with not very many channels.  No wonder we spent our free time outdoors!

Parents who have been made paranoid by reports of child abductions from around the world forbid their kids to be outside alone. The streets in neighborhoods are empty most of the time. A generation ago the neighborhoods were filled with children. Kids would play outside all day, rollerskating, biking, building forts, going to the playground and more.


With the world at our fingertips, the Internet has had a huge impact on family life, both good and bad. Family members may spend more time talking to their friends on the Internet than to a family member sitting across the room from them.

This technological boom has given us access to the world but may unfortunately have a negative impact on our relationships at home.

I don’t think it’s too late. We can have it back.

DAD use to be  the bread winner of the family but  then you need more money now just to survive in this economy with the price of everything.  You put MOMto work and  out of the home permanently   to make ends meet With DAD  and MOM both  at work, who is raising the children?


People can no longer afford to have just one income in the home.  With the economy the way it is, people can barely afford to eat, breathe, and drink water…..

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How does this affect the American Family?

Well, it means that even if both parents make enough to support the family, the children still won’t have a parent at home with them.  It means that if you are like the majority of Americans you can no longer afford to take those family vacations you got as a child.  Those time were important, because it showed your children a couple of things.

1.  There is more to mom and dad than the daily grind

2.  It is important to bond with your children and show them positive ways to be entertained.

3.  The family unit was important

What you see now is that parents are tired from working 9-10 hour days.  Very few come home to cook, so they grab something on the way home.  {Is cooking a lost art?} If they take the time to help their children with their homework, do they go outside with them?  Do they know who their friends are?  Do you know the parents of your children’s friend?

familyFamily is forever. Family is comfortable. Family is fun. Families are loyal. This is the one place on earth where forgiveness and understanding must be abundant.

Family life today is also influenced by the principles and values of our surrounding society. This influence is rapidly changing and expanding as technology has enabled quick travel and communication over long distances. With the advent of the Internet the influence is global.

In the end, every parent strives to instill their fundamental beliefs within their children through every possible means at their disposal.

Families need to be  nurturing  future generations in their image by the sharing of Family Values. Family structure may vary but one thing remains constant in family life today: “family is forever”.

American History has shown that American Families should  pass on our proud history along with their own personal ethics to form the basis for our sense of what is right and wrong for the rest of our lives.  Home is safe and familiar.

It is one place in the world where we can be comfortable and be ourselves. We all expect love, support, tolerance and caring from our Family members to help us grow to our full potential.

Failure to take the time to develop our sons and daughters will at some point become a lifetime regret. We have one chance to be with them while they are in the formative stages.

  One of the most satisfying contributions we make in life is the investment of our personal time and caring in those we love

I believe we need to take back our families.

How is this to be accomplished?

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“Family Is The Greatest Cause”

Raising a family can be one of life’s greatest experiences…Having the support of a loving and strong family can make all the difference in a persons life.

The giving of yourself to the building and strengthening of a family is giving to one of the greatest causes that exist.



By giving of your energy, time, devotion, commitment, love and all else that goes into building a strong family, you’re giving to one of the most important causes that has ever existed.

There is no other cause that can affect from one life to many lives at the same time with such a tremendous impact on the world than the devotion of a mother and father to building a positively strong family.

There is no other cause that can create the results that can break through the countless barriers that our society holds.

Whether you’re a mother, father, sister or brother…live each day in knowing that for every effort you make to love and strengthen your family you’re making a positive contribution to strengthening the lives of the people around you and the people in the world you live in.

~J. Charest

They All Grow Up so Fast Don’t Miss A Moment…….

Some things you need to do as families…..

1.  Parents need to know where their children are and they should know the parents of the child’s friends.

2.  Eating dinner at home around the table with NO television or electronic devices is a must.   Dinner, dinner table and families…great combination where families get lost in communication and bonding.

3.  Family meetings to discuss issues.

4. Remember to tell your children that  you Love them. This is so important. I don’t care if they are teenagers or not. They need to hear this on a daily basis.

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. ~Charles R. Swindoll

We all make decisions about what’s more important in our lives. Please make your children the most important thing in your life and then live it.

Learn & Master Series

“Teach Your Children”

Great words from ~J. Charest

Teach your children the way you would like society to be. More importantly lead through your actions and not your words.


Teach your children to be gentle and caring with young people,

Teach your children to be charitable with the poor,

Teach your children to be sympathetic and encouraging to the struggling,

Teach your children to be tolerant and patient with the weak,

Teach your children to be compassionate and respectful with the aged…

Because at some point in your life you will have been all of these.

Just as in the days of old now more than possibly any time in our history the American family needs its members. The American family needs a revival!   Children need grandparents rather than day care centers.

Isn’t it about time we find the American family again?  Find it, rebuild it, and support it before there are no members left in the family!  Won’t you please pull your family together to once again be an American family before it’s too late?

What do you think?










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