Have You Paid It Forward Today?

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To “Pay it Forward” means that when you have been the recipient of an act of kindness, then you repay this act of kindness to others, which can start a whole chain reaction of random acts of kindness, leading to a whole transformation of spirit.
Over 25 years ago, Catherine Ryan Hyde was driving her old Datsun through a rough area of Los Angeles  at night.  When her car died and began to fill with smoke at a freeway off ramp, that wasn’t the worst of her problems.  Ms. Hyde saw two men running towards her, one carrying a blanket.  In her mind, she knew she was dead.  
  Instead, the men pushed past her and proceeded to smother the engine fire with the blanket.  The car could have exploded at any moment, killing all of them.  They put their lives at risk to help a stranger.  After the fire department arrived and the dust had settled, she looked up to thank the men.  They were gone, and she realized she could never repay or thank them for what they had done.  Instead she decided to Pay it Forward. That event inspired Catherine Ryan Hyde to write the book of the same name.

A movie based on Ms. Hyde’s book was released in 2000, which got even more attention for the Pay it Forward movement.

Sarah-Jayne read the book Pay It Forward and realized that the world would be a better place if everyone just did three favors for others. 

Having lost her own father at the age of eight, she had great empathy for children of a family friend who had just been widowed.  Sarah-Jayne took time out to chat to the children helping with  their fears and making life much easier for their mother. 

This ‘success’ prompted the second favor which was to set up a counseling service at her school, particularly to reduce the amount of bullying. Her third favor was for her neighbor, an elderly woman who was losing her sight. 

As she had been the one to introduce the Pay it Forward book to Sarah-Jayne, and was an avid reader, it was a real act of paying it forward to take time out every night and read aloud to this neighbor and keep her company.  “I couldn’t believe at first how three small favors could help so many people and all the people I helped have promised to pay the favor forward.”   from a posting on a kindness site from Sarah-Jayne Wright , aged 18 from the U.K.:

Let me share a story another story…

The first time Dave  watched the movie Pay It Forward it really made him  think.  What can I do?  Can I do anything at all?

A little history about Dave… Dave is only 20 years old and he is  an alcoholic as well as a drug addict.  There have been people out there that have  helped Dave  and have not excepted a thing in return just hoping that he could recover from this.   Dave felt like  it was his  turn to Pay It Forward.

About two weeks ago he was at a  meeting that  he had for work. He  had a old friend  in town and  he thought he  would just stop by and say hi. Well come to find out his  friend had recently been laid off  from his job.  He really felt  bad for him and his family.  He was  telling Dave he did not know what to do his money was running out and he d

id not get his pay check from his new job for a few weeks.  Not once did he ask Dave for a dime, but Dave  thought to himself  here’s my chance to Pay It Forward.  He  had been saving money up to buy a house.  He  thought well you saved this much up why can’t you do this again.

So Dave  gave his friend all his money out of  his  savings. His friend told him he would pay Dave back as soon as possible. Dave told him to just Pay It Forward His friend knew what he meant and broke down and cried.  Dave’s friend  told him  he never really thought this movie could inspire someone  like him  to do this. Dave said  “Anybody  can do what they want if they put there mind to it.”  Have you Paid It Forward today?

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I  believe  that a smile is a cure and that kindness spreads around like a (wonderful) virus.

Random acts of kindness should not just be one day a year, or during a certain holiday…random acts of kindness should be everyday all year long.

So let’s talk about a  resolution that might last a year, or maybe even, a lifetime.   A resolution that makes you feel good about yourself while you are helping others.

pay-it-forwardThe idea is simple….

You do something good for other people.

These people cannot “repay” you……

They are encouraged to pay-it-forward.

In turn, doing something good for someone else.

And so on and so forth.

The mathematics is simple. If I’ll do something constructive for 3 people and these 3 people in turn do something for 3 other people (each)–we have already impacted 9 people in total.  They 9 people will make a difference in 27 people’s life,  which in turn will touch 81 people’s hearts…..



This will grow so fast….


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Just open your heart and give…..trust in the goodness of man and allow yourself to be overwhelmed.

There are many ways to touch people’s heart.  An action, a hug, a word, a smile.

“It takes one NATION to make a difference in the WORLD.”

It takes ONE COMMUNITY to make a difference in this NATION.

It takes ONE FAMILY to make a difference in this COMMUNITY.

It takes ONE PERSON to make a difference in this FAMILY.


There are so many wonderful ways to get involved in Paying it Forward . Of course, you don’t need to wait until Pay it Forward Day to make a difference in someone else’s life – you can start today!  You may be just one person in this world, but to one person, at one time, you are the world.  Imagine if each individual looked for the opportunity to help others each day.  Imagine the difference that would make.

Go ahead and make someone’s day.  See how it makes YOU feel.  Then when they smile back and thank you, ask them to pay it forward.…this is how some people paid it forward…..

  • A complete stranger paid $10,000 so that one lady could have a liver operation that she otherwise could not have afforded. She still does not know who it was who ‘paid it forward’ on the day, but she is forever grateful.


  • One lady contacted a hospital to see if there were any needy families that could use some flights which she wouldn’t be able to use. As a result one family was able to travel across Australia to be with their very sick family member in hospital.


  • A handicapped lady had a 10 minute neck and shoulder massage and left money and a PIFD card so the next person could have a massage for free.


  • One boy noticed a car was just about to receive a ticket. He asked his mum if he could top up the parking meter to stop the person getting booked. It saved someone a $79 fine.

Any random act of kindness can cause a positive ripple effect restoring our faith in the love and compassion of the human spirit

30 Days of G.I.F.T. IDEAS.

1. Forgive some who might have wronged you in the past. Go out of your way to do them a favor.
2. Search out someone who may need some real financial assistance.. Maybe someone had their lights turned off because they could not pay the bill.
. You could be the light that they need.
3. Visit an elderly person in need of assistance or a visit.


4. Give someone your car.
5. If you provide services for living, give your services pro-bono
6. Pay someone’s mortgage for a month — or a year for that matter.
7. Help a student with their tuition.
8. Help with an inner city project.
9. Be a mentor.
10. Walk someone’s dog.
11. Shovel someone’s walkway.
12. Babysit for free.
13. Have a fund raiser at your school.
14. Clean someone’s house.
15. Drive people around.
16. Rake someone’s leaves.
17. Play music for the elderly.
18. Leave a huge tip next time you go out to dinner.
19. Give a lottery ticket to a stranger.
20. Treat a police officer to a cup of coffee.
21. Bring some goodies to the fire station.
22. Pick up someone’s tab the next time you dine out.
23. Pay the highway toll for the person behind you.
24. Invite the less fortunate for Thanksgiving dinner.
25. Donate food, clothing, and money to the needy.
26. Buy the movie tickets for the person behind you.
27. Mow someone’s lawn.
28. Cook a nice meal for a friend.
29. Help a homeless person find a home.
30. Read the book, 365 Ways To Change The World, by Michael Norton, and then give the book to a stranger.

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How much better would life be if everyone learned the joy of giving? Just remember that each day of your life, you have the opportunity to “Pay it Forward” and help those in need. Eventually, if not sooner than later, it will make full circle back to you.


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