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It’s not easy being a teenager; especially if you are pregnant. It’s a reality that hundreds and thousands of teenagers in this country become pregnant every year.  Teenage Pregnancy is one of the problems in today’s society.

Many teenagers today don’t know how big responsibility it is to raise a child when they are young .To raise a child involves a lot of patient and sacrifices which a lot of teens don’t have.  I believe it’s important to talk about teenage pregnancy with your teens and preteens — both girls and boys. 


They need to know that you are concerned as they become teenagers and do not want to this happen as it will change their lives…….

Teen pregnancy is one of the most difficult experiences a young person might ever face when it interrupts school or other plans. It can create an emotional crisis resulting in feelings of shame and fear, and it may appear that you will crumble under pressures in your environment.

Despite the fact that the teen birth rate is slowly falling, there are still an estimated one million teen pregnancies in the United States alone. About 85% of these pregnancies are unplanned, which in any population can increase the risk for problems. seem an impossible task.

If your daughter is pregnant and planning to have the baby, many changes await your family. Most unmarried teens don’t plan on becoming pregnant, and they’re often terrified when it happens

 A teenage girl can become pregnant due to a variety of reasons, which include long term dating relationships, casual dating and sometimes even rape. Teenage pregnancy is a result of voluntary or involuntary sexual activity.
Teenagers think that they can avoid pregnancy with birth control measures but the only way to stop teen pregnancy is refraining from all sexual activities, until you are mature enough to understand what’s right and wrong.


It’s always recommended to gather as much information on sex education to know more on the consequences of teen pregnancy.
Having a baby is the biggest miracle of a woman’s life. However, if you still are a teenager and conceive by accident, it takes a lot of nerves to go out there and tell your parents that you are pregnant. You cannot choose to hide it from them as they are going to be the ultimate support in your difficult situation.
You need to calm your nerves and be ready for all kinds of reaction. You can choose to break the news to the parent you feel you are closest.  Usually that is your mom so  how do you  tell your mom your pregnant if you’re a teenager?
In this case, your mom is the best person to speak to as most dads may just freak out with the thought of their teenage daughter begin pregnant. You need to speak to your mom privately and like a mature individual, break the news of your pregnancy.
Give her some time to digest the news. You need to understand, your mom may be really hurt and needs time to overcome the initial shock.
Whether you are married or single, an adult or teenager, you need to be a bit sensitive when you break the news of your pregnancy. All parents are overjoyed when they turn grandparents. But, sometimes, it takes time for them to get over the fact that you are pregnant especially if you are a teenager.



  1. 750,000 teenagers every year get pregnant in the United States of America.teenage-pregnancy-3
  2. This teen pregnancy number is the highest in the world, beating other countries like England or Canada.
  3. Over 100 teenagers in every 1000 get pregnant. The number is 113, to be precise.
  4. These births account for 11 per cent of the births in the US.
  5. Over a whopping 80 per cent of these births are unplanned. Unplanned or unexpected means contraception was not used while having sex, and has resulted in a pregnancy.
  6. Nearly a third of these pregnancies end in abortions.
  7. Most of the teen births and pregnancies happen between ages 17 to 19.
  8. One in every 3 girls under 20 gives birth to a child.
  9. Girls born to teenage mothers are more likely to become teenage mothers themselves.
  10. Education is impacted in a big way by teenage pregnancies. Of every three teenage mothers, only one gets her high-school diploma.
  11. Most teenagers who become teenage mothers say they are pressured into having sex.

We as parents need to keep  a close eye on our  teenage daughters  if we  suspect they  may be sexually active or already pregnant. The early signs of pregnancy for teens are physically the same as for older women although teens may exhibit different behavior.

If you observe any early signs indicating that your teen is pregnant, do not hesitate to talk to her.  Remember that pregnancy is pregnancy, teen or not. The symptoms are the same. Nausea, fatigue, missed period, tender/swollen breasts, food adversions or cravings, mood swings.

Have the talk……… You know, that one. Have it early, have it often. I know many of you fathers go into a murderous rage or melt into a incoherent puddle when you think about some boy touching your daughter, but the fact is that your daughter needs to understand that she can talk about this with you, and that she can ask questions if she wants.

Don’t allow your daughter to find out how sex works by overhearing other girls’ conversations in aerobics class…

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Ask your teen if he or she knows anyone who’s been pregnant while still in school. Talk about how your teen’s life would change if he or she had a baby.

Get specific. For example, would your daughter want to go to prom pregnant? Would your son want to drop a favorite sport so he can work to earn money for the baby? Would it be possible to finish school?


What would it feel like to be responsible for a helpless infant? Who would support the baby? Let your teen know that he or she can come to you with questions or concerns.

Teenagers are not supposed to be pregnant because of their age. Unfortunately, many women aged 13-17, get pregnant every year. Most of them are not yet ready to be mothers. 

So what are some of the effects teenage girls have when they find out they are pregnant?

A. Emotional Effect

There are various emotional effects of early pregnancy to teenagers.images

1. Initial excitement

Some teenagers are excited to bear a child, especially when it is their first pregnancy. They are excited to see their baby. Others are excited to buy clothes and other things for the baby. They think of names for the baby.

2. Confuse

Some are confused and at a loss on what to do. They are too young and many have no idea about bearing a child.

3. Afraid

Some are scared. They think of questions like, “How should I tell my parents?” “How will I face my classmates?” or “What is the best thing to do to solve this problem?” They are afraid to answer these questions.ey feel scared on what will be the reactions of their parents.

4. Frustrated

Frustration comes later. Pregnant teenagers will realize that they are not yet ready to bear a child when it’s already late.



I was 17 when I got pregnant … month after my 16th birthday, actually. I had only been dating the birth father for a few weeks, but I had known him for a few years prior to our relationship. He was very into himself and his goals. Children were nowhere in his life plan. When I told him I was pregnant, I barely got out my sentence before he cut me off and I never heard from him again.

I lived in silent pain, swearing that I could be a good mother and go to college plus have a full time job and still have time to be with my friends. At 8 months pregnant I decided that I couldn’t do all the things I wanted to.

My Godparents were visiting from California and had expressed great interest in adopting my child, although they knew I had not even considered the option. I went to them and asked them to adopt my son. I didn’t even consult my mother on the issue. I felt it was the right thing to do. I never had a second thought about it; never second-guessed my decision. I knew in my heart that it was the right thing to do.


We have an open adoption and I see Zachary at least once a year. With them in California it’s a little harder to visit as often as we would like to. We mail pictures and tell stories. We feel we have an extra special family due to all the love we have surrounding this little boy. I still have no regrets and love him as much as I always have.

Zachary turned 5 in July and as I watched him at his birthday party when he was home I could only smile. Nothing I have ever done in my life has made me as happy as this. I gave something to someone they couldn’t have otherwise had. I gave my Godparents a child, and I gave my child a wonderful life.

Did you know that…. a baby born to a teenage mother is at a risk of suffering more health issues than a baby born to an older mom.
Did you know……. that Teenage mothers are more likely to get addicted to drinking, smoking and drugs due to the post pregnancy stress.
Did you know….. that Teen mothers also gain very less weight during pregnancy and are also at a higher risk for premature birth, which can also affect in low birth weight of the baby.
Did you know….. that babies who are born with a low birth weight suffer from serious health problems like underdeveloped organs, infant mortality, stomach complications, loss of vision in one or both eyes, respiratory complications and other lung problems.
Did you know….that  most babies of teenage moms are likely to die early than babies of women in their twenties and thirties.

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So what else can you do to help prevent your teenager from getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant?

  • Keep communication between you and your teen open so that talking about sex is easier to broach.
  • Be approachable so that if your teenager has questions about sex or relationships, you can be ready with answers.
  • Teach your family values and help your teen see how much they are worth. Explain that no one should be able to make him or her feel like they have to be sexually active. 
  • Encourage safe and fun activities and sports. Show them their strengths and keep education a top priority.
  • Teenage-girl-holding-a-baby
  • Watch for warning signs of heavy relationships with the opposite sex. Also watch for signs of depression or a drop off in previously enjoyed activities. You may need to take further steps to help them avoid becoming sexually promiscuous.
  • Teach your teenager the problems associated with unsafe sex. Show him or her the diseases that can result as well as the threat of unplanned pregnancy.
  • Know what your teenager is doing and where they like to hang out. Make your home an open place for your teenager’s friends and encourage fun activities at responsible and respected places.

Have your teens check this out  http://www.stayteen.org/games/block-party/ a fun and educational online game that tests their knowledge on teen pregnancy prevention, sex myths, relationship issues, and much more through a series of challenging and fun puzzles.

Another place they can check out is go to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy’s teen website http://www.stayteen.org/

single-mother-with-baby-007Some girls dealing with teen pregnancy choose to place their baby up for adoption. There are a number of reasons for which a pregnant teen may choose adoption.  she may want to continue her education. She may not be financially stable or she may be lacking support.  In addition to these reasons, some teens who are pregnant simply feel that adoption is a better option for their baby in the long term.

You do not need an attorney, and there are no costs to you in an adoption. The adoption agency will handle all the legal details for you and the birthfather.

OK. So what’s next? Want some more personal information? There are knowledgeable people just a click or phone call away who know the facts about the specific adoption agencies and laws in your own area. It’s all confidential and without cost.

So click here to connect to Optionline.org. You can talk with someone by phone or e-mail or be shown where there is a pregnancy center near you where they’ve helped other girls discuss the possibilities of adoption plans. Knowledge is power, so get the facts first.

An Openly Adopted Child’s Legacy

Once there were two expectant mothers.
NewBabyOne carried and cared for you beneath her beating heart
She became your Birthmother.
The other carried the hope of you within her.
She became your Mom.

As the days passed, and you grew bigger and stronger,
Your Birthmother knew that she could not give you all you needed after your birth.
Meanwhile, your Mom was ready and waiting for you.

One day your Birthmom and your Mom found each other.

They looked into each other’s eyes and saw a friend.
Your Birthmom saw the life your Mom could give you.
Your Mom saw how much your Birthmom loved and cared for you.

They decided that what you needed was both kinds of love in your life.

So now you have two families,
One by birth, the other by adoption.pregnantteen

And you have a home where you can get:
your questions answered,
your boo boos bandaged,
your heartaches soothed,
And much needed hugs.

And a place where you can find:
answers to your questions,
your image in the mirror,
a part of yourself,
And much needed hugs.

Two different kinds of families
Two different kinds of love
Both a part of you.

MakeYourDeal - The Home of

Finally abstinence is the only sure way of preventing teen pregnancy. Family values that promote abstinence as well as talking with your teenager over and over about the importance of abstinence can go a long way.

You must build strong individuals in order to have them stand behind a lifestyle of abstinence. It is not merely an answer of “no”, and not have them really understand the consequences of saying “yes”. They need to understand and then have the strength to stand up and stand behind their decisions.

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, having access to accurate information is critical. To make an informed decision, you need to be aware of all your options. For additional information about teen pregnancy, pick up one of the following books:


Free Teens USA is a non-profit organization teaching the youth of our nation and our world leadership qualities based around sexual abstinence.


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    “Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned, medically coaxed, or happened by surprise, one thing is certain – your life will never be the same.” (Catherine Jones)
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